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What we do

Snyder Community Resource Center (SCRC) began in 2014 as a referral agency for individuals needing drug and alcohol treatment after founder, Steven Pena, realized there was no place for people to turn for help after our community was directly impacted by an epidemic of methamphetamine use. Drug arrests in Snyder alone grew from thirty-five in 2012 to seventy-five in 2014, which is over a 100% increase in two years. It became our goal to ensure these people had the necessary resources to obtain treatment for their life-controlling addiction. As we realized the needs in our community were so great, our agency began to grow and expand with four growing programs now under our organization. iCare (our emergency assistance program), C.A.D.A. (Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse), S.A.N.A. (Snyder Area Naturalization Assistance), and CCI (Community Care Initiative. Each program was developed to meet very specific needs within our community and help individuals and their families take the necessary steps forward to live safe, stable, and self-sufficient lives.

Since we began, SCRC has strategically collaborated with other organizations such as Scurry County Ministerial Alliance, West TX Opportunities, MHMR, Region 14 Education Center and local churches to ensure the capability of our agency to help individuals and families take a step forward. Alongside these various organizations we have been able to help individuals and families on a daily basis, as well as reach out to them on a community level. Beginning in 2014, we were able to extend services to approximately ten people in four short months. In 2015 the amount of people served increased to over 100 through emergency assistance (iCare), drug and alcohol treatment referrals, and free English Courses taught to individuals. In 2016, 171 people were provided emergency assistance through emergency assistance alone. As an organization that began to refer the addict to treatment, our accomplishments and strategic partnerships with individuals, businesses, and other organizations have allowed us to impact our community’s needs economically, personally, and therapeutically.
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iCare Our emergency assistance program was developed to assist individuals and families in times of criss with very specific assistance. Assistance is limited to utilities, emergency shelter, fuel, and medical. iCare is an effort to streamline assistance to individuals and families while reducing the abuse of the community’s generosity. As we strive to streamline assistance given to people within our community, individuals seeking help that qualify for assistance from other programs are referred to that specific program. Our current partnerships with Scurry County Ministerial Alliance, Scurry County Welfare, & TXU Energy allow us to offer iCare services to more individuals and their families each month.

Documents necessary to apply for emergency assistance through iCare:
-Photo I.D.
-Current Utility Bill in Your Name
-Income Verification (W2, paycheck stubs, SSI letter/documentation, etc.)

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Snyder Area Naturalization Assistance endeavors to help immigrants willing to work toward becoming legal citizens or obtaining legal residency. The word SANA is a Spanish word meaning “to heal.” S.A.N.A. is currently working toward becoming Recognized & Accredited by the U.S. Government. Once this process is complete, our S.A.N.A. program will offer immigration assistance to low-income and indigent families. With the cost of an immigration attorney being out of so many families reach, this program will allow individuals and their families obtain legal residency, citizenship, or naturalization.

Services currently offered by S.A.N.A.
-FREE ESL Courses Monday’s & Tuesday’s 7p-9p, 1809 College Avenue

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Council of Alcohol & Drug Abuse (C.A.D.A.)Everyday in our community, someone’s sibling, child, parent, grandparent, friend, or grandchild is struggling with an addiction they feel will always just be a part of who they are. The Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse is an agency striving to assist individuals and their families with necessary treatment options. C.A.D.A. provides referrals to counselors and treatment facilities as well as information and support to families who have been affected by the loved ones in the grasp of life-controlling habits. We began SCRC in order to provide resources for the person(s) struggling with addiction. It is our goal to ensure that there are options available and resources to accommodate those options for someone wanting to make such an imperative change in their life.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday: 10am-4ppm
iCare Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 1pm-4pm

Contact us:

Call Us: (325) 436-0294


1809 College Ave Snyder, Texas 79549

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1809 College Ave
Snyder, Texas 79549