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About us

Snyder Community Resource Center is a non-profit organization devoted to helping people take a step forward. This umbrella organization contains different agencies that meet specific needs. We are organized to provide emergency assistance to families, children and individuals to live safe, stable and self-sufficient lives. We endeavor to educate the general public about the dangers and the negative impact on families and communities of drug and alcohol addictions. Our organization is formulated to promote assistance to those in the community who are seeking assistance in the recovery of alcohol and drug addictions and/or are in need of housing, clothing, food, and general life necessities. This agency has been established to provide a positive and supportive environment for families, children and individuals facing a life crisis by offering opportunities to socialize and confide among others facing similar situations. Through strategic partnerships, our organization endeavors to streamline community assistance to individuals and families while reducing the abuse of the community’s generosity.

Our Story

SCRC began in 2014 as a referral agency for individuals needing drug and alcohol treatment after founder, Steven Pena, realized there was no place for people to turn for help when our community was directly impacted by an epidemic of methamphetamine use. It was our goal to ensure the people in our community struggling with addiction had the necessary resources to obtain treatment for their life-controlling addiction. As we realized the needs in our community were so great, our agency began to grow. We now have four growing and viable programs under the umbrella of SCRC. iCare (emergency assistance), Snyder Area Naturalization Assistance, The Council of Alcohol & Drug Abuse, and Community Care Initiative.

Since 2014, SCRC has strategically collaborated with other organizations to ensure the capability of our agency to help individuals and families take a step forward. Directly following the launch of our agency in 2014, our partnership with Narcotics Anonymous began. NA allowed us to provide an environment in which those with addiction can help one another stop using and find a new way to live. In 2015, we partnered with Region 14 Education Service Center to present English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to those who desire to take a step toward United States citizenship or legal residency. March of 2016 allowed for even greater growth within our organization as the relationship with the Scurry County Ministerial Alliance was established. Any individual that seeks financial assistance from a local church are directed to the SCRC, where we collect necessary information and issue vouchers to help with utility bills, gas, or immediate shelter. This particular collaboration has allowed us to help more individuals in a way that benefits our community and makes greatest use of available funds. As an organization that began to refer the addict to treatment, our accomplishments and strategic partnerships with individuals, businesses, and other organizations have allowed us to impact our community’s greatest needs economically, personally, therapeutically, and through sustainability.

Our Staff

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Steven D. Pena, Founder & Executive Director:

Starting a nonprofit from the ground up has taken dedication. I founded Snyder Community Resource Center (SCRC) in 2014 with a mission to help the addict find necessary treatment. It has been my goal and passion to see individuals and families in our community thrive and become self-sustaining. As a native of Snyder, the community impact SCRC makes on people hits extremely close to home. I have served as lead pastor of Snyder First Assembly for 20 years, and am able to bring knowledge of non-profits to the SCRC. As a leader of multiple staff members, I understand budgeting on an unpredictable budget. 
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Jessica Robbins, Marketing Director:

What we do at SCRC and how we serve our community has opened my eyes to the substantial needs for people right next door. I was born and raised in Snyder and have one daughter. I want her to see the impact one person and organization can have on our community. After attending Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, TX, I served in a variety of non-profit organizations, ranging from foster group homes to long-term treatment facilities. These diverse opportunities have provided necessary experience to learn the ins and outs of non-profit organizations. Since 2016, I have had the overall responsibility of programs and fundraising. The needs that are presented to our organization on a daily basis at times far outweigh our available resources; however, we have seen ample growth in each one of our programs and added additional programs and agencies to better equip our community to move forward.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday: 10am-4ppm
iCare Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 1pm-4pm

Contact us:

Call Us: (325) 436-0294


1809 College Ave Snyder, Texas 79549

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